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20th May 2022

Niki Lauda

I’ve had to keep this one quiet for a while. On the scale of the most important, humbling, emotive commissions I have ever undertaken…. this is […]
4th March 2022

Max and Lewis 2021 Head to Head

Celebrating the historic battle we were treated to through 2021, Max with his Dutch GP helmet, and Lewis’ immediately iconic rainbow lid.
4th February 2022


After many years intending to paint a portrait of Her Majesty, I finally managed to fit into the schedule, to celebrate 70 years of immaculate service […]
15th July 2021

Senna ‘Eau Rouge’ Backlit 3D flip lenticular

Say what? Think a really posh glow in the dark hologram. Something I’ve been working on with the world best techs in this field for a […]
29th April 2021

Ayrton Senna ‘Driving Reign’

I’ve been asked many many times ‘How are you going to beat that!?’ in regards to my driving pose sculpture of Ayrton, unveiled early 2019. And […]
2nd October 2020

Project; Dancing Horse

9 months since the highly trained stunt horse Lumi was rearing in the studio – and the first 3ft bronze is complete. Now christened Alberto, after […]
24th August 2020

2020 Lewis

Dark and moody, reflective mauve and glow in the dark neon. Really enjoyed the challenge with this one! Original oil on board SOLD. Limited editions available.
12th July 2020

Lando, Vamos!

Marking Lando Norris’ first F1 podium with this 4x3ft oil painting, and just a hint of neon. Created over 4 intense days starting on the same […]
12th July 2020

FIA Sotheby’s #RaceAgainstCovid Auction

Proud to have been part of FIA’s Race Against Covid project with Sotheby’s with my 60% Senna statue, with so many other from the F1 world […]
2nd June 2020

Unveiling – Bruce McLaren

A project founded in May 2019, leading me on a yearlong journey learning about that which I thought I already knew, and pushing the limits of […]
29th April 2020

Official F1 Magazine Magnificent 7

Over the last month I’ve been working with the Official F1 Magazine, to celebrate 70 years of F1, and to try to bring a smile in […]
21st April 2020

Project ‘Dancing Horse’

25th March 2020

Ayrton Senna 60 live painting

My first work trip of the year I had cancelled was Bahrain F1 week… which coincided with what should have been Ayrton Senna’s 60th birthday. And […]
13th December 2019

‘Still I Rise’ #6

Unveiling my Lewis 2019 F1 world title celebration piece ‘Still I Rise, #6’. I was actually commissioned for this back April, there’s confidence for you! It’s […]
10th December 2019

Dream Flight Fundraiser in Orlando with Ian Poulter

Last weekend was a flying visit in both senses of the word; 36hrs in Orlando for a charity event at Golf legend Ian Poulter’s house… which is […]
13th October 2019

Senna-Fest with Bruno and Bianca in Austin

I was at COTA in Austin late summer, 3 weeks before coming back for F1 week. For Senna-Fest! Organised by my now lifelong mate Josh, and […]