Limited editions from much of Paul’s work are available, or commissions of original paintings – if you have a friendly neighbourhood art gallery who stocks Paul’s work they can advise what is currently available. If you don’t know of a gallery already, please email directly at and we can advise further. Short editions of signed, certificated paper prints, or hand embellished canvases with loads of paint added on top are created in house.

Original paintings are available through gallery show launches, or by commission. There are perhaps a couple dotted around gallery partners too – please ask and when can advise what/where. If you sign up to the (kinda monthlyish) newsletter, you’ll be the first to know where big show launches are – usually one or two a year.

Probably two thirds of Paul’s work is on a commissioned basis – albeit with a few months lead-time, near anything is possible, please email for information! Other items listed below, including the popular MESSY caps, hand splatted in paint.

Many thanks, Paul and Ashley.

Paul Oz Splatted Cap


Messy Cap, Oz Hand Splatted


Union Flag Splatted Cap


ROAR! Book. 126 pages, half F1, half Wildlife


Neon Jack Cap - coming soon


Not a World Champion


Gift Certificate


80's Kid Splatted Cap