With an engineering mindset traceable as far back as pre-school endeavours with lego, to an Aerospace Engineering degree at 18 – I’ve always thought in 3D. Which is why my paintings are structural and so deep in paint too I guess. For the last decade I’ve celebrated the icons of F1 mostly in paint, becoming increasingly well known for that giving the added benefits of enhanced inspiration, network and funding to really push the limits of what I’m doing, and truly embrace my long held belief that there is no such thing as a crazy idea! This next phase of my career focus is to immortalise the heroes of the sport that I grew up with, in the most permanent of mediums, bronze. Life sized statues with accompanying limited editions, some a more manageable size too. All cast by world leading Pangolin Editions.

My earlier F1 related creations as far back as 2011 are listed here for interest too – as are the dished carbon shields that I will continue to develop.

Project; Alberto

Senna Bronze (editions available)

Enzo (SOLD)

Texan Aero Bull (SOLD)

Split Second (SOLD)

Jag (SOLD)

Lamborghini bulls on carbon (Editions Available)

Sculpture Projects & News

Latest projects and updates around Paul’s sculpture work

29th April 2021

Ayrton Senna ‘Driving Reign’

I’ve been asked many many times ‘How are you going to beat that!?’ in regards to my driving pose sculpture of Ayrton, unveiled early 2019. And […]
2nd October 2020

Project; Dancing Horse

9 months since the highly trained stunt horse Lumi was rearing in the studio – and the first 3ft bronze is complete. Now christened Alberto, after […]
2nd June 2020

Unveiling – Bruce McLaren

A project founded in May 2019, leading me on a yearlong journey learning about that which I thought I already knew, and pushing the limits of […]
25th March 2020

Ayrton Senna 60 live painting

My first work trip of the year I had cancelled was Bahrain F1 week… which coincided with what should have been Ayrton Senna’s 60th birthday. And […]
10th December 2019

Dream Flight Fundraiser in Orlando with Ian Poulter

Last weekend was a flying visit in both senses of the word; 36hrs in Orlando for a charity event at Golf legend Ian Poulter’s house… which is […]
18th May 2019

Barcelona F1 week with life-size Senna

An incredible week of events with McLaren Barcelona, Circuit de Catalunya and Pam DeSis with the life size bronze. And the weekend in F1 Paddock Club […]
25th March 2019

Announcing release of 1/5th scale solid resin Senna!

Using the same model as the life-size bronze that is on permanent display at McLaren HQ in Woking – here’s a limited edition 1/5 scale version! […]
21st March 2019

The making of Senna Video Footage

It’s a very strange feeling to create a celebration of your own personal hero…. that will far outlive yourself. And that was even before I took […]
6th February 2019

Taking Senna home… now with a view of the lake at MTC.

So this was way more humbling than I’d given thought to… having been focused on the fair challenge of moving 160kg of bronze around in a […]
22nd January 2019

Kinda blown away by that response!

‘Well that worked then’  – my direct message from McLaren F1 last weekend that just kinda summed it up perfectly. Thanks so much for all the […]
8th January 2019

Ayrton Senna 25th Anniversary Bronze – Revealed!

After 8 months work, unveiled at Autosport International Show 2019 – here is my homage to the greatest icon that F1 will ever see, to mark […]