‘Still I Rise’ #6

Dream Flight Fundraiser in Orlando with Ian Poulter
10th December 2019
Ayrton Senna 60 live painting
25th March 2020

Unveiling my Lewis 2019 F1 world title celebration piece ‘Still I Rise, #6’. I was actually commissioned for this back April, there’s confidence for you! It’s a challenge when I paint so much of ostensibly the same subject, to keep doing something different. Something that I think I achieved with the composition of this piece. And as well as my now ubiquitous home-made neon paint, I’ve also been playing with micro prismatic beads – the stuff they use to make road signs reflective. It doesn’t really come out in photo’s as the light refraction angle is really specific… and this piece will never see a gallery wall, but I’ll be adding it wherever is even slightly appropriate for the foreseeable. It might work in embellished pieces… possibly… I’ll experiment.