Taking Senna home… now with a view of the lake at MTC.

Kinda blown away by that response!
22nd January 2019
The making of Senna Video Footage
21st March 2019

So this was way more humbling than I’d given thought to… having been focused on the fair challenge of moving 160kg of bronze around in a hire van, trying to coordinate the foundry with Brazilian TV and with management at McLaren HQ, it had kind of escaped me just what I was doing.

Unwrapping the life size bronze on the famous boulevard at McLaren, next to Ayrton’s 1990 championship winning car… there was a very real sense of bringing him home. A lump in the throat. And a dream culmination of my most ambitious project by a long long way.

Then someone pointed a camera at me…

2.5 million views of this clip between McLaren and F1’s social pages in 24hrs!